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Small point

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"Essodama" means small
Edo Komon with fine and beautiful blur

〇Sys and specifications
Mian 100%
made in Japan
Dyeing dyeing

〇 Handling cautions
・ Due to hand dyeing, it may color off.
・ If left wet, it may cause color transfer.
・When washing, we recommend hand washing separately from other things.
・If a frayed thread appears on the edge, we will cut the thread with scissors.

〇 Introduction of the amount
By framed the tesugu, you can also enjoy the work as an ornamental.
Put your forehead together in the cartLet me in, by all means.Buyplease​。
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〇Supered bags are available
A paper bag (1 piece / 2 to 4 pieces) will be attached free of charge for gifts and gifts.
If you wish, please purchase it in a cart with the product you are purchasing.
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