Tsurigane beam
Tsurigane beam

Tsurigane beam

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Proposed by Lufune

Bunshichi Gankin, a work called "Men's Five Gankin" (Otokodate Tsutsukarigane), is a master of the shakuhachi.
The moon is shaved and painted with blue sword, and the hood, that is, the towel, is on the shoulder, and the shakuhachi is on the waist.
The small cloth tied to the end of the towel is a design in which a string and a ball are connected to the small cloth, and it is likened to a tool for wiping the inside of the shakuhachi cylinder.

〇Size / Specifications Approx. 35 cm x 90 cm
100% cotton
Made in Japan

〇Handling precautions ・ Because it is hand-dyed, the color may fade.
・ Leaving it wet may cause color transfer.
・ When washing, we recommend hand-washing separately from other items.
・ If a frayed thread appears at the end, it is recommended to cut the thread with scissors.

〇Introduction of the amount You can enjoy the work as an ornamental item by putting the towel in the amount.
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