Tenugui amount
Tenugui amount
Tenugui amount
Tenugui amount
Tenugui amount

Tenugui amount

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The method of sticking the tenugui on the board using the water for hand towels devised by the predecessor is epoch-making, and it is an amount that can be easily replaced to create a culture of enjoying hand towels as an ornamental item.
You can enjoy aging by using cherry wood.
By all means, please enjoy changing the towels according to the season and Saijiki.

Please refer to the brand site for how to paste the forehead.

〇Size / Specifications [Large]
Material: Wood Kabazakura Length approx. 92cm Height approx. 36cm Width approx. 3cm
Weight: Approximately 2.1 kg (2.9 kg when packed)
made in Japan

Material: Wood Kabazakura Length approx. 45 cm Height approx. 36 cm Width approx. 3 cm
Weight: Approximately 1.1 kg (1.5 kg when packed)
made in Japan

〇 Handling Precautions Please be sure to read before use.

■ Please attach it to the wall that can withstand the weight of the work or frame.
For walls of thin or gypsum board, attach the hook firmly to the pillar where the back pillar passes.

■ Please use the dedicated hook.
When hanging the frame on the wall, do not use pushpins, nails, etc., but use a special hook.
Also, be sure to read the instruction manual of the hook to be used to see if the hook can withstand the weight of the frame.
If you have a small picture frame, we recommend that you ask a specialist.

■ Please be careful about the acrylic board.
Please handle with care.
Also, when holding a frame, be sure to carefully hold the two sides facing each other with both hands.
Holding only one side and moving it may cause damage.
Please absolutely avoid it.

■ Check the hanging string.
If the string that hangs the edge is used as it is for a long period of time, it may break due to quality deterioration.
Check that there are no abnormalities in the hanging string, loose wire hanging brackets, or corrosion of the brackets that fasten the back plate, and if there are any abnormalities, replace them.
Check at least once a year.

■ Please be careful about the frame.
If a person hits the green hood, you may be injured or your clothes may be damaged.
Do not put your forehead in places that are likely to hit people.

■ Please be careful not to put important things under the frame.
It is also expected that the picture frame will drop out due to unexpected circumstances.
Do not put important things, furniture, pottery, etc. under the frame.

■ Be careful when hanging the frame on the wall or leaning against the wall.
If the picture frame hits or rubs against the wall, the wall may be scratched or colored.
Also, please note that if you hang it in a place with high humidity or high temperature, the color may appear on the wall.

■ We use cherry wood.
As the years go by, the color becomes darker and deeper.
Please enjoy the secular variation.